financial products fondo mas

Savings products.

We promote savings among our members.

savings account.

At-call savings accounts are those savings accounts in which their holders can make deposits, withdrawals or cancellations at any time they may require it. To maintain balance in these accounts the holders earn interests that can be capitalized.

From $1,000.00
Immediate disposition.
4% annually – Special Offer.

Settlement deposit

The settlement deposit account offers higher rates with the commitment of the user to leave the money for a certain period of time. If you would like to remove the savings before the deadline agreed to apply a penalty on interest.

From $25,000.00
6 months: 8% annually.
12 months: 10% annually.

Credit products.

We offer timely and competitive credit for the production of coffee.


It is an individualized credit that is payable with coffee and linked to a work plan and technical assistance; it includes technology for administering information; it is linked to individual savings and is considered to be an individualized, timely and competitive credit to improve the productivity, quality and profitability of small-scale coffee producers. The working group (cell) is the joint guarantee in addition to its organization.

Up to $17,000 per hectare.
One hectare per producer.
Two disbursements:

· May, 40%
· September, 60%

Minimum 6 months. Maximum 9 months.
4% Monthly.
Liquidation in February.
Guarantee, be part of a cell of “The Network”.


· Access to life and production insurances.

· Basket fund for contingencies.

· Services of training and technical assistance.

· Social welfare programs.