Fondo Mas Team

About us

We are a multidisciplinary team with experience in finance and sustainable rural development.

Fondo Mas Manel Modelo

Manel Modelo

Founder and Strategic Advisor.

Professional, entrepreneur and executive leader with more than 30 years of experience in rural economic development, sustainable agriculture, project management and organizational coaching, with a focus on commercial and financial consulting services. He is the Founder and Strategic Advisor to FondoMás and impacto café.

Fondo Mas Pascual Lopez

Pascual López


Coffee producer, leader and professional with a focus on rural development. He has extensive experience in the formation and consolidation of organizational processes in Chiapas. He has worked for more than 30 years with cooperatives in Chiapas in the municipalities of Tila, Sabanilla, Tumbalá, Yajalon, Chilon and Salto de Agua.

Fondo Mas Pedro Pablo Gomez

Pedro Pablo Gomez


He has worked for more than 9 years in indigenous and peasant communities in Chiapas. He seeks to strengthen the partners of each of the organizations that are part of FondoMás, fostering a savings and credit culture for a better life.

Fondo Mas Beatriz Carpio

Beatriz Carpio


Committed to her vocation with a wide sense of service. She has worked for more than five years in cooperatives of small-scale coffee producers in Chiapas and has developed her experience thanks to her responsibilities in the administrative areas, mainly for civil associations.